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WoW Honor Points Information

To prevent your character from not being able to gain honor points during our longer PvP wow honor points farming services, please email the name of a PvP item that you want us to buy if your honor points is close to the capped amount of 4,000 honor points. If you do not email us, there will be a delay in your service since we will email you requesting you to login and use up the 4,000 honor points so we can continue farming honor points. Blizzard has stated that there is a maximum amount of honor which one can save up, which is currently 4,000 honor points. After completion of the PvP WOW Honor Farming service, please change your password as we are no longer responsible for it.


We are providing the WoW Honor Points Power leveling. Our Honor Points service is fast and safe, 100% handed work, 100% risk free. Buy WOW Honor Points, WOW Honor Points, Cheap WOW Honor Points on

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WoW Honor Points Power Leveling

How can i give you more honor points?


When we got 4000 Honor Points,we can help you buy equipment(you need tell me full equipment name) or we will contact you ,you need login game and spend some honor points,then we continue power leveling honor until finished.
Name Price Days Area

PVP Full 730 lvl Gears Package (Honor Gear)

1. Item level 730 (PVP)
2. Improve Garrison to lvl 2
3. Garrison Resources 500
4. Flight paths uncovered 90%
100% manual leveling with account guarantee

$129.99 3
Item Set Level 710 (740 PVP) Package (Conquest Gear)
1. Level 710 Set (740 PVP)
2. Character lv100 required
3. 100% Manual Power Leveling
$299.99 5-6

PVP Full 715 lvl Gears For New Season

1. Item level 715(PVP)
2. Improve Garrison to lvl 2
3. Garrison Resources 500
4. Flight paths uncovered 90%
100% manual leveling with account guarantee

$69.99 2

2000 Honor Points (Gift 200 Honor Points)

$9.99 0.5

3000 Honor Points (Gift 300 Honor Points)

$15.99 0.5

4000 Honor Points (Gift 400 Honor Points)

$19.99 0.5

5000 Honor Points (Gift 500 Honor Points)

$25.99 1

8000 Honor Points (Gift 800 Honor Points)

$39.99 2

1,0000 Honor Points (Gift 1000 Honor Points)

$49.99 2

1,5000 Honor Points (Gift 2000 Honor Points)

$74.99 2.5

2,0000 Honor Points (Gift 4000 Honor Points)

$95.99 3

3,0000 Honor Points (Gift 6000 Honor Points)

$129.99 4
Honorable victories in battles against other players are credited to you with honor points, which you can use to buy armor, mounts and consumables. That way you have the chance, even as a casual gamer, to receive great PvP rewards. In this manner,  you have the possibility to attain valuable PvP rewards, even as a casual gamer.

Since you need a lot of honor points to get the really good items, RandyRun offers you a first-class Honor Points Leveling service for World of Warcraft. Your character will be leveled in PvP mode by a professional World of Warcraft gamer.

Repair Service: In case we need to repair your equipment during our leveling service, and your gold is not sufficient for repairs, we’ll farm the gold necessary to repair your equipment.  This additional service may, however, entail a delayed delivery.

We use real players ( Professional Power Leveler ), NOT BOTs or Macro that could harm your account. ALL HAND MADE. Your account will be safe and secure, GUARANTEED.
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During our guys power leveling for your order, if your account banned for wow power leveling reason, You will get full money refunded within 24hours. 

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