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New Hotfixes Hit Battle for Azeroth, Learn Them Now!

The brand new version of Battle of Azeroth is finally launched yesterday. Have you experienced it? If you have, then you may find out that something is different today. Yes, new hotfixes have been made to this new version. And is going to share these hotfixes with you today. Besides, you can visit our website to buy safe WoW gold and many other items you may need while conquering the new quest. 


These new hotfixes will absolutely give you a better game experience. Let's have a preview of all these hotfixes now!


Dungeons- Temple of Sethraliss: Fixed a bug that caused Avatar of Sethraliss to sometimes become inactive.



- Dune Scavenger is now usable by both Horde and Alliance characters.

- Terrified Pack Mule is now learnable and usable by Alliance characters.



- The Nazmir quest "Poisoning the Brood" will now share credit to party members.

- The Targets for "A Wall of Iron" will now respawn more frequently.

- Players that were in the vicinity of, but did not get credit for killing Vilank'dor, will once again be able to complete the quest "To Sacrifice a Loa".

- Fixed an issue where too many enemies were participating in "Mojambo". You can complete this mission with WoW items easily now.  

- Players should now be able to advance and complete "The High Thornspeaker".

- "Adapting Our Tactics" can now be abandoned and re-accepted after selecting an upgrade to pursue

- Players who disconnect during "Rodrigo's Revenge" can now continue the quest.

- "The Last Witch Doctor of Krag'wa" will no longer talk to nearby players who are not on the quest.

- Crawgs in "Crawg Free Zone" will now respawn more frequently.

- Adjusted the range of the Seaforium Smoke Grenade on "Boom Goes the Bomb" so that it can better go boom.

- Interacting with the Mysterious Brew during "Enforcing Fate" should now reliably grant credit.

- Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to select their second or third War Campaign Footholds. Players who had previously been stuck in this state may now interact with the scouting map near Halford or Nathanos to choose a Foothold.

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