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Battle for Azeroth: The Heart of Azeroth Preview

After Battle for Azeroth expansion launches, players will receive the Heart of Azeroth necklace, the centerpiece of World of Warcraft BfA. They will receive the necklace after assisting Magni Bronzebeard with the healing of Azeroth herself. Players will be able to empower it with Azerite to "awaken" four other armor pieces that can be equipped and that provide (mostly) passive bonuses to player power. will keep updating with latest info on World of Warcraft news and selling cheap wow power leveling 110-120 and WoW gold at the lowest price.



Here is the original post:

“The Heart of Azeroth will allow you to siphon the power of Azerite as you continue to heal of the planet, and once it’s empowered, it will level alongside you. As this Artifact increases in power, so too do its stats. It will also help you empower special helms, chest pieces, and shoulder pieces.

Each piece of Azerite-empowered armor has anywhere from three to four rings of Azerite traits available to unlock as you level up your Heart of Azeroth. As it increases in power, you’ll unlock more rings on your Azerite-empowered items. You can—and should—equip Azerite-empowered armor pieces in all three of the available slots, and you can view and change their associated powers by using Shift Right Click to open the interface.”

Azerite empowered armor pieces can be found while questing, raiding or even in PvP. Each item will have an iLevel attached to it and players, if they love the pieces bonuses, can chase down the same piece, but at a higher iLevel.

If you are interested in the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, please stay tuned on Battle for Azeroth will launch on August 14, and it will bring a bunch of new features and content. You will be able to find the largest selection of World of Warcraft items like WoW goldWoW mounts, and WoW gear. Cheap price and fast delivery are guaranteed.


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